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Some fixes.
The Angelic Icon and Flame Icon were working together, so we made a little correction in the skills. We improved Warrior Bane and Armor Crush skills. Some changes were...
13 June, 2018
Server updates.
We did some testing on the server and some changes were made. We noticed that the Knoriks were very strong for the farm zone, so we reduced their magic defense and their...
13 May, 2018
Event Double Drops!
This Sunday we will be in Double Drops event! Enjoy this day and have fun!
13 May, 2018
Olympiad AntiFeed.
We have strengthened our AntiFeed system in the Olympiads, so now you can participate with only one character in the Olympiads. When you start your registration in competitions...
10 May, 2018
Server Double Drop!
We will have two days of Double Drop event! The event starts on the morning of April 30 and runs through the morning of May 2.
29 April, 2018
Server Note!
We have intensified our security system like no other server. So we guarantee that no problem will happen again, our team has experience with attacks, invasions, etc... And we...
26 April, 2018
Server rollback items.
Some players cheated on the server, we had to rollback(30h) and rummage through various characters. Our team is working to strengthen server security. The server went...
25 April, 2018
Fixed Arena Geodata.
The geodata has been updated, so there should be no more errors in arena obstacles.
11 April, 2018
Cancel Return Buffs.
The system of cancel return buffs has been removed for testing, we are making improvements in the system. The system will be added again in 1 or 2 days.
11 April, 2018
Patch and Antibot updated!
Our antibot system has been updated, please download the new patch on our website!
12 February, 2018

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